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The following mantels are shown simultaneously on the web site as well as in our store. If you want to purchase one of these mantels, please call to see if it's still available.

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Item #R2435
This 4' 3" cedar mantel is beautiful with its rustic branches and hint of suttle grey. It is approx. 10-11" deep and 4" thick. $295


Item #R2432
This 4' 9" cedar mantel is gorgeous with it custom med. brown stain and unique worm wood markings is definitely an eye catcher. It is 3" thick and 9" deep. $395.


Item #R2430
This 5'4" cedar, in all it's simplicity will warm your home!  It's 3" thick, approx. 10" deep and is $595 ON SALE for $395.


Item #R2423
This 4'3" mesquite mantel is loaded with worm character!  It's 3" thick, approximately 6 to 7" deep and is $450. ON SALE $295.


Item #R2436
This 6' cedar mantel is gorgeous with its unique worm markings. It is approx. 8-9" deep and 3" thick. $495


Item #OT2238
This 6' 1" cedar mantel is very subtle yet has great characteristics with its cool branches. 2" thick and approx. 5-6 1/2 deep. $695. ON SALE $495.


Item #OT2241
This 6' 6" cedar old timer is remarkable with its beautiful characteristics. It is 9" deep and 4" thick. $695


Item #OT2240
This 6' black walnut old timer mantel makes for the perfect center piece for your home. It is approx. 9-10" deep and approx. 3-5" thick. $695.


Item #OT2236
This 6' cedar custom walnut stain mantel is beautiful with its unique end that really catches the eye. It is 1 1/2 to 4 1/2" thick and approx 7-8 1/2" deep. $695.


Item #OT2428
This 5'9" aged "old timer" mantel has lots of little branches and loaded with worm markings along the front.  It's 6" thick, 8" deep and is $695. ON SALE $595.


Item #R2422
This 4 1/2' cedar is a stunning, thick, aggressive mantel.  It's 6"

thick, 10 to 16" deep and is $895 ON SALE for $750.

Item #R2425
This 8'4" long Juniper has exceptional character.  It's 3" thick, approx. 9 to 11" deep and is $1,200.


Item #R2414
This 6'8" mesquite mantel is beautiful. With the slightly curved left and detailed front adds great character. It is 4 1/4" thick and approx. 10-18" deep. $1,500.


Item #R2396
This 7' 6" long Juniper is magnificent! It's 3" thick, approx. 5 to 13" deep and is $1,500. Won't last long!


Item #R2437
This 7' 9" osage orange mantel is beautiful with its warm inviting colors. It is approx. 13-17" deep and 2 1/2" thick. $2,200


Item #OT2214
This 7'3" long mesquite "old timer" mantel is loaded with worm character and is stunning!  It's 4" thick, 9" deep and is $2,500.
ON SALE for $1500.


Item #OT2239
This 7' 5" juniper mantel had a special blend hand rubbed oil finish.  Has outstanding rustic characteristics and great detail. It is approx. 8-4 1/2 " thick and approx. 8-12" deep. $3,200 ON SALE for 2,800


Item #R 2434
This 6' 11" cedar mantel has a custom med. brown stain.  It's very rustic with its deep rich character and unique markings. It is approx. 14"-11" deep and 5" thick.  $3,000.
ON SALE $1,800.



Item #CB150
These oversize set of corbels are 7" in diameter, 12" long and straight edged on one side so you can turn them 4 different ways.  They can be up and down or have the round side out.  They are $125 a set.


Shipping is oversize ground and takes approximately four days.  Overnight deliveries are also available.  The shipping company used is determined by the best cost to your location.

As we have a large inventory not all of our mantels can be shown on the web site under current inventory. If you have something else in mind, please email or call with the size you're looking for and we'll put together a photo shoot based on your budget and email you photos.

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